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Class 9 is the phase of student life when new and interesting topics are added to the curriculum. It is also the class that forms the base and helps students in preparing for their board exams for the next year. Out of all the subjects in class 9, math and science are the two main crucial subjects. There is a total of 15 chapters in CBSE class 9 math book which consists of chapters – number system, coordinate geometry, triangles and quadrilaterals, Heron’s formula, surface areas and volumes, statistics etc. Math requires a strategic approach and solving multiple questions. Math is said to hold very high importance when it comes to board exams. It can help students achieve high overall scores which is why it requires dedicated preparation.

Many times, students find themselves in a dilemma to choose over quality and quantity while preparing maths for class 9. With so many books available in the market with solutions, it does not get any easier. Practice makes a man perfect and for a subject like math, it is always suggested that practice is the best thing that students can do to improve their knowledge and time taken to solve the problems. Practicing the subject thoroughly also ensures that students do not miss out on any topic and cover the whole syllabus. Many Math experts and toppers believe that one of the best ways to master the toughest concepts of class 9 maths is to solve NCERT textbooks thoroughly. Learning the basics of class 9 math that includes theorems and proofs are very essential. NCERT Class 9 maths solutions always come in handy while solving exercise questions that are given at the end of each chapter or to delve deep into the chapters. Solutions act as a guide that students can depend on while preparing for their studies.

But finding class 9 maths solutions for NCERT books was not very convenient until now. Learnflix provides class 9 math chapter-wise solutions which help the students to refer their answers once they are done solving the questions. It helps in self-evaluation of their performance and prevents them from making repeating the same mistakes again and again. Students can install the app and download the NCERT solutions for class 9 maths and revise their syllabus. The format of the solutions is following the latest suggested format given by the CBSE board and it gets updated from time to time. When students answer accurately with the latest language and format, it increases the chances of scoring better marks. The personalized learning app also provides solutions for science subjects from classes 6 to 10. It is a credible and reliable source for NCERT solutions for math and science.

Scoring good marks in class 9 math not only boosts student’s confidence but also gives them the motivation to study for class 10. Learning should be an enjoyable experience for the students, and they should not fear any subject especially maths which is essential for our daily lives.

  • November 28, 2020

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Learnflix online videos are marvellous provided children should watch carefully and listen to it word by word, followed by objective and subjective test and in last the “revision”.
I am impressed with the “Analytics” part, as it gives us a complete picture of your child activity on a particular topic

Atharav Ranjan

Presidium School

I find this app quite comprehensive and interesting. Commendable way of teaching. It has helped me a lot in memorizing things and easier understanding of the concepts. It has increased my speed & accuracy as there is an ample variety of practice questions. Videos are quite impactful along with the excellent revision notes on each and every chapter.

Lavanaya Kapoor

KulachiHansraj Model School

I have found the Learnflix app to be very useful for my child. The course content has been structured lucidly which makes it all the more interesting and engaging for kids. The animation is excellent and easy-to-grasp. The makers deserve a big appreciation for the same.

Yashita Mishra

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