About Us

Convergia is an EdTech company offering technology integrated teaching and learning solution for affordable private schools that caters to personalized and tailored requirements for students. Convergia’s teaching learning solutions, backed by S Chand Group- India’s leading education content company. The group operates across the complete education lifecycle of a child– Early Learning, K-12 School Education, and Higher Education.

Digital technology is revolutionizing the way we live and think and is acting as catalyst of change, going in sync with digital future we have hybrid and digital content that enables the learners to study at their own pace, anywhere anytime, making education seamless.

Group’s latest digital learning offering, LEARNFLIX - Personalized Learning App for anytime anywhere learning anchored around the school curriculum for Grades: 6-10 (Subjects: Math and Science).

Learnflix has been designed with a Spiral Learning Pedagogy, that ensures all concepts are well learnt, revised, practiced, and assessed.

What subjects we offer?

Math and Science

What classes we cater to?

Class 6, Class 7, Class 8, Class 9, and Class 10

Why Learnflix

Access to Everything a child needs to learn

Learnflix has been designed to make all that your child needs for
learning accessible with one subscription:



Tests with varied difficulty level



Sample Papers


Anytime Anywhere Access on the Dearest Device

Learnflix aims at making learning accessible and fun. This can be done when the children can learn at their own pace, place and time and on the device they love the most.. Learnflix can be accessed across all devices (Mobile, Tablet & Laptop).

Personalized Learning

Children can keep revisiting a concept until they understand it thoroughly. Some children love to learn from videos, some want more and more questions coming in and some love to learn from books. On Learnflix, the child can choose and create his own learning path.

Spiral Learning Pedagogy

Spiral Learning Pedagogy is a step by step approach in which every small chunk of learning is reinforced, so that the child understands it completely. It ensures all concepts are well learnt, revised, practiced, and assessed.

In Depth Analytics with Remedial

Analytics on Learnflix are extremely focused and guiding at every step. Analytics capture the Scores, Accuracy, Progress, Time spent, Concept Wise Coverage and most importantly point out the Key focus areas with remedial to master the concept.

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