NCERT Syllabus for Class 10 Physics

The CBSE Class 10 exam is one of the milestones in a student’s life. The content of Class 10 Physics is designed keeping this in mind. It covers the concepts of light, the human eye, electricity, the magnetic effects of current and the sources of energy.

1.1 Reflection of Light

1.2 Refraction of Light

1.3 Spherical Lenses

1.4 Spherical Mirrors

2.1 Refraction of Light.

2.2 Scattering of Light.

2.3 The Human Eye.

3.1 Electric Current and Electric Potential.

3.2 Heating Effect of Electric Current.

3.3 Ohm's Law and Resistance

3.4 Resistors in Series and Parallel

4.1 Domestic Electric Circuits

4.2 Electric Generator

4.3 Electric Motor

4.4 Magnetic Field and Field Lines

4.5 Magnetic Field Due to a Current Carrying Conductor

5.1 Conventional Sources of Energy

5.2 Non-conventional Sources of Energy

5.3 Sources of Energy and Environment

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Title: Science For Tenth Class Part 1 Physics

Publisher: Schand

Author: Lakhmir Singh

A series of six books for Classes IX and X according to the Latest CBSE syllabus. Emphasis is given on helping students to understand concepts using very simple language,  detailed explanations and real-life examples.

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