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The Best Learning App for Science and Math – Ideal for Students of Class 6 to 10

Math and science are two main subjects that often need more attention and well-planning to learn in convenient way. If students get the right examples, some amazing videos and images, these subjects will be far easier to understand. Through Learnflix – your personalized learning app for anytime anywhere learning anchored around the school curriculum for Grades: 6-10, we enable learners to study at their own pace.

S. Chand Group, India’s leading educational content company (started in the year of 1939, has been operating across the complete educational lifecycle of a child – early learning, K-12 school education and higher education. We are the dominant player in K-12 segment – making education seamless and offering you the best learning app for students – Learnflix – your personalized learning app for anytime anywhere learning.

Download Learnflix for free from Google Play Store and iOS App Store for your Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop to keep pace with the digital education system. We have developed Learnflix – anchored around the school curriculum for grades – 6-10 for Science and Mathematics.

Learnflix is for students, teachers and schools is designed with the Spiral Learning Pedagogy – ensuring all concepts are well learnt, revised, practiced and assessed.

What Will You Get from Learnflix – Your Personalized Learning App

It is the best educational app – access to everything a child needs to learn. With one subscription, students will get:

  • Engaging Videos
  • Practice Exercises
  • Tests with Varied Difficulty Level
  • Revision Notes
  • eBooks from renowned authors
  • Samples Papers
  • NCERT Solutions

Learnflix, the best free learning app for kids and students of class 6-10 is designed with the objective of making learning accessible and fun. Students will learn at their own pace, place and time – on the device they love most and prefer to spend more time. This one of the best learning app for students can be accessed across all devices – Mobile, Tablet and Laptop.

See the Demo and Download Learnflix to learn in smart way.

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