A Guide to The Best Educational Apps for CBSE Class 9 Science Students

Educational apps have taken over the learning world. There are more than 101 apps on google play store catering to preparing students for CBSE board exams.

To help the students in misery and to sort things out for them, we have curated this unique guide to the best educational apps for CBSE class 9 science students.

What exactly are educational apps?

In the world of applications for everything and anything, educational apps have also emerged as an essential app in today’s time. Technology has been always a big part of our development and education is no different. Technology in education has helped students all around the world to experience learning in a better way. Educational apps are a one-stop platform for students to find study materials such as question banks, solutions, flashcards, assessment tests etc. Educational apps have made hunting for books and solutions in libraries for hours a much easier task by curating all the necessary study material at one place and the tip of our fingers.

Why do we need educational apps for CBSE class 9 science students?

It is the 21st century and technology is ruling our world. Studying and learning from textbooks is not sufficient anymore. With new curriculums rolling in every year, additional assistance from the internet has become a necessity now. It is also observed that educational apps can significantly boost productivity levels and scores of the students. This is mainly because most students often tend to help themselves back while confirming a doubt or raising their hands in class. With the help of educational apps, students are no more afraid of clearing their doubts or repeating the same question again and again until they get it right. Apps like Learnflix have especially curated NCERT solutions for CBSE class 9 science students. These solutions are prepared by experts from the industry following the most recent curriculum updates so that students use the updated language in exams and score high marks. Also, class 9 science is an important stage because the next year these students sit for board exams. They must clear their basic concepts before learning more advanced concepts.

How to choose the perfect educational app?

According to research, students learn more and contrast knowledge by experiencing and exploring their environment. Learnflix- a personalized learning app that lets students define their learning path and choose their pace. It provides better concept clarity and acts as a guide for the students of class 6 to 10. Class 9 science students can access this platform to watch informational videos, take quizzes, make revision notes, and take assessments. The app is in an authentic and credible source for NCERT solutions. It has and is also helping students in clearing their basic concepts. The platform works best for revision, practice, and assessment. Learning is more effective when it is systematic and not forced. Learnflix ensures that students focus on small chunks of learning, again and again, to store it in their long-term memory. It is a trustworthy and reliable app when it comes to educational apps for CBSE class 9 students.

  • November 30, 2020

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