NCERT Syllabus for Class 8 Science

The content of Class 8 Mathematics takes concepts like fibres, light and the pollution of air and water a level higher by linking them with their introductory parts studied in earlier classes. Crop production, microorganisms, metals and non-metals, coal and petroleum, reproduction in animals, friction, solar system and pressure are some of the concepts that are introduced in this grade.

1.1 Agricultural Practices - An Overview

1.2 Crop Nutrient Management, Irrigation Systems and Cropping Patterns

1.3 Crop Protection, Harvesting and Storage

1.4 Introduction to Animal Husbandry

1.5 Soil Preparation, Seed Selection and Sowing

2.1 Introduction to Microorganisms.

2.2 Nitrogen Fixation and Nitrogen Cycle.

2.3 Spoilage of Food and Food Preservation.

3.1 Effect of Plastics on Environment.

3.2 Plastics.

3.2 Synthetic Fibres .

4.1 Physical Properties of Metals and Non-metals

4.2 Reactions of Metals and Non-metals with Oxygen and Acids

4.3 Reactions of Metals and Non-metals with Water and Chlorine

4.4 Reactions of Metals with Bases and Displacement Reaction

5.1 Coal-An Important Natural Resource.

5.2 Petroleum and Natural Gas.

6.1 Combustion.

6.2 Flame.

6.3 Fuels.

7.1 Biodiversity and its Conservation.

7.2 Conservation of Forests and Wildlife.

7.3 Deforestation - Causes and Effects.

8.1 Plant and Animal Cells.

8.2 Cell - Building Block of Life.

8.3 Components of the Cell.

9.1 Fertilisation and Development of Embryo.

9.2 Human Reproductive Organs.

9.3 Reproduction in Animals.

9.4 Young Ones to Adults.

10.1 Human Endocrine System – An Overview.

10.2 Puberty.

10.3 Reproductive Phases in Humans

11.1 Contact and Non-contact Forces.

11.2 Force.

11.3 Pressure

12.1 Friction and Its Types.

12.2 Increasing and Decreasing Friction.

12.2 Introduction to Friction.

13.1 Human Ear and Characteristics of Sound.

13.2 Music and Noise.

13.2 Production and Propogation of Sound.

14.1 Chemical Effects of Electric Current.

14.2 Liquid Conductors

15.1 Earthquakes.

15.2 Introduction to Charges and Charges in Action.

15.3 Lightning.

16.1 Reflection of Light.

16.2 Multiple Reflection.

16.3 Sunlight – White or Coloured.

16.4 The Human Eye and Its Care.

17.1 Moon and Its Phases.

17.2 The Solar System.

17.3 The Stars.

18.1 Air Pollution.

18.2 Ozone and Global Warming.

18.3 Wastewater Sanitation.

18.4 Water Pollution.

The content of grade-8 Science is designed to inculcate the scientific temper, problem solving skills, ability to analyze data and ability to apply the knowledge learnt. There are ample exercises for practice and reinforcements.

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Title: Awareness Science 8

Publisher: Schand

Author: Lakhmir Singh

Awareness Science is a series of science books for schools following CBSE Syllabus. Emphasis is given on helping students to understand concepts using very simple language,  detailed explanations and real-life examples.

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