NCERT Syllabus for Class 7 Science

The content of Class 7 Science builds on what was initiated in Class 6 Science. Topics like fibre to fabric, physical and chemical changes, electric current and water have been presented by linking them with their introductory parts studied in earlier classes. The concepts of nutrition in plants and animals, acids, bases and salts, heat, weather and climate, reproduction in plants, light and motion are introduced in this grade.

1.1 Modes of Nutrition in Plants

1.2 Soil Replenishment

2.1 Digestion in Grass-eating Animals.

2.2 Feeding and Digestion in Amoeba.

2.3 Human Digestive System.

2.3 Modes of Feeding in Animals.

3.1 Animal Fibres - Silk.

3.2 Animal Fibres - Wool.

4.1 Heat and Temperature/p>

4.2 Transfer of Heat

5.1 Acids and Bases.

5.2 Indicators.

5.3 Neutralisation.

6.1 Crystallization.

6.2 Physical Changes and Chemical Changes.

6.3 Rusting .

7.1 Climate and Adaptation.

7.2 Climate and Weather.

8.1 Safety Measures.

8.2 Thunderstorms and Cyclones.

8.3 Wind.

9.1 Properties of Soil and Soil Pollution.

9.1 Soil: An Important Natural Resource for Life.

9.1 Types of Soil and Crops.

10.1 Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration.

10.2 Breathing in Animals .

10.3 Breathing in Plants

10.4 Human Respiratory System

11.1 Blood and Its Functions - Overview.

11.2 Human Excretory System.

11.3 Human Heart - Overview.

11.4 Transportation of Substances in Plants.

12.1 Asexual Reproduction in Plants.

12.2 Seed Dispersal.

12.3 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants.

12.4 Vegetative Propagation in Plants.

13.1 Distance-Time Graph.

13.2 Measurement of Time.

13.2 Speed and its Measurement.

14.1 Circuit Diagrams.

14.2 Heating Effect of Electric Current.

14.3 Magnetic Effect of Electric Current.

15.1 Image Formed by Mirrors.

15.1 Lenses.

15.1 Properties of Light.

15.1 Sunlight - White or Coloured.

16.1 Availability of Water.

16.2 Importance of Groundwater and Water Distribution.

16.3 Water Management.

17.1 Forest Ecosystem.

17.2 Importance of Forest.

18.1 Wastewater Sanitation .

18.2 Wastewater Sewage.

18.3 Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The concepts of grade-7 Science are explained with connections to everyday experiences. This enables to take the learning beyond school and apply in real life scenarios. There are learning assets like videos, revision notes, sample papers, assessments and eBooks that help students to excel in the subject.

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Title: Awareness Science 7

Publisher: Schand

Author: Lakhmir Singh

Awareness Science is a series of science books for schools following CBSE Syllabus. Emphasis is given on helping students to understand concepts using very simple language,  detailed explanations and real-life examples.

PDF File for Class 7 Science

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