Decoding Class 8 Science with NCERT Solutions

Science is considered as one of the most interesting subjects in school. Students who are well versed with the basic concepts of the subject can learn and grasp the new concepts and chapters quickly but that is not the case for most students because the CBSE syllabus gets updated from time to time, making it difficult for the parents or the teachers to pay attention to each concept and explain it to the students. In such cases, students often are unable to understand the chapters clearly and face difficulties in solving questions given at the end of each chapter in the NCERT books. This problem becomes more prominent in class 8 science, which is the foundational base for the higher classes. The curriculum and syllabus followed in CBSE, the most popular board for secondary education in India, is based on NCERT guidelines. CBSE class 8 science deals with important concepts which include crop production and management, microorganisms, metals and non-metals, cell structure and functions, chemical effects of electric current and many other crucial concepts. All these topics are buildings blocks of all domains of science i.e. Biology, Chemistry and Physics. If these concepts are clear and understood by the students, they can memorize topics easily. NCERT textbooks are strategically designed to make subjects like science and math easier to understand. While NCERT class 8 textbook consists of all the necessary material to learn about these concepts, the questionnaire provided at the end of each chapter is difficult to solve for many students because solutions are not included with the textbooks. These questionnaires are very important from the examination’s point of view and even for personal assessment. Once students are done with studying the chapters, they can test their progress in a particular topic or a chapter whenever they want. Over the years it has been observed that a major portion of examinations is from these questionnaires.

Many students hesitate in seeking assistance for solutions to their problems. Platforms like Learnflix help the students in paving their paths and find multiple solutions to a problem. The NCERT solutions provided in the app are updated and easy to understand. They are solved by experts who are well-accomplished in their subjects. Math and science are two such subjects that always require a complete understanding of concepts, with solutions available in hand the process becomes much easier and understandable. Sometimes there is more than one way to answer a question using different concepts, here students can go through all these varied methods and learn multiple ways of answering a question which will help them in exams and assignments. Also, students get the liberty to use choose their learning modes that can be videos, question banks or books, all the chapters and topics are explained in much detail as it is required to make students enjoy the subjects and ace their exams. The content is concise and in easy language which keeps students interested in studying for a long period.

A strong base builds a stronger foundation for a brighter future.

  • November 26, 2020

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