NCERT Syllabus for Class 8 Math

The content of Class 8 Mathematics takes concepts like rational numbers, data handling, algebra, mensuration, exponents and powers a level higher by linking them with their introductory parts studied in earlier classes. Linear equations, squares and square roots, cubes and cube roots, profit and loss, percentage, interest, direct and inverse proportions are some of the concepts introduced in this grade.

1.1 Associative and Distributive Properties of Rational Numbers

1.2 Closure and Commutative Properties of Rational Numbers

2.1 Equations Reducible to the Simpler Forms.

2.2 Solving Equations Having the Variable on Both Side.

2.3 Solving Equations Having the Variable on One Side.

3.1 Angle Sum Property of Polygons.

3.2 Applications of Parallelograms.

3.3 Parallelogram and its Properties.

3.4 Polygons.

4.1 Constructing a Quadrilateral When Sides and Angles are Given

4.2 Constructing a Quadrilateral When Sides and Diagonals are Given

4.3 Construction of other Parallelograms

5.1 Chance and Probability.

5.2 Histograms.

5.3 Introduction to Statistics.

5.4 Pie Chart or Circle Graph

6.1 Finding Square Root by Division Method.

6.2 Finding Square Root by Prime Factorisation.

6.3 Patterns of Square .

6.4 Squares

7.1 Cube Root.

7.2 Introduction to Cubes and Their Patterns.

7.3 Perfect Cubes.

8.1 Compound Interest.

8.2 Percentage and Discounts.

8.3 Profit and Loss.

8.4 Sales Tax and Value Added Tax.

9.1 Multiplying Polynomials.

9.2 Standard Identities.

10.1 Mapping Space around Us.

10.2 Polyhedrons.

10.3 Views of 3D-Shapes

11.1 Area of a General Quadrilateral and a Polygon.

11.2 Area of Trapezium.

11.3 Surface Area and Volume of a Cube and a Cuboid.

11.4 Surface Area and Volume of a Cylinder.

12.1 Expressing Small Numbers in Standard Form.

12.2 Negative Exponents.

13.1 Direct Proportion.

13.2 Inverse Proportion.

14.1 Common Errors.

14.2 Division of Algebraic Expressions.

14.3 Factorisation using Algebraic Identities.

14.4 Methods of Factorisation.

15.1 Coordinates and the Cartesian Plane.

15.1 Line Graphs.

15.1 Linear Graphs.

16.1 Games with Numbers.

16.2 Letters for Digits.

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Author: Anubhuti Gangal

Composite Mathematics is a series of books for Pre Primer to Class 8  which conforms to the latest CBSE curriculum.  The main aim of writing this series is to help the children understand difficult mathematical concepts in a simple manner in easy language..

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