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Mathematics Leaning App for Class 6 to 10 – Digital Platform to Learn Science and Math in Easy Way

Learnflix is one of the the best science and mathematics learning app – making it easier for you to learn in smart way and get high rank in your annual examination. Download Learnflix for free from Google Play Store or iOS App Store on your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop.

Math Practice App – Free Download with Anytime Anywhere Access on Your Favorite Device

Learnflix is the best science and math practice app for students from class 6 to 10. We have designed a comprehensive app – that aims at making learning accessible and fun. This is the ideal app for students to learn at their own pace, place and time as well as on the device they love the most. Students will be capable enough to keep revisiting a concept until they understand it thoroughly.

Some children love to learn from videos, some want more and more questions coming in and some love to learn from books. Learnflix is designed keeping the students’ choice in mind to enable them to choose and create their own learning paths.

Step by Step approach will make students understand science and math in an easy way. It ensures all concepts are well-learnt, revised, practiced and accessed.

What makes Learnflix the ideal science and math practice app is in-depth analytic with remedial. Analytics on this science and math learning app are extremely focused and guiding at every step. From capturing the scores to accuracy and from progress to time spent, concept wise coverage and point out the key focus areas with remedial to master the concept, you will get everything you need to go digital and learn in convenient way.

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