NCERT Syllabus for Class 6 Science

The content of Class 6 Science ensures that a number of opportunities are provided to students to engage them with the processes of Science like observing, recording observations, drawing, tabulating, plotting graphs, etc. Concepts covered include food, fibre, sorting materials, plants, movements of the human body, living organisms, motion, light, electricity, magnets, air and water.

1.1 Food Habits of Animals

1.2 Source of Food

2.1 Components of Food.

2.2 Deficiency Diseases.

2.3 Nutrients in Food and Balanced Diet .

3.1 Fabrics and Fibres.

3.2 Fibres to Fabrics.

4.1 Grouping Objects

4.2 Properties of Materials

5.1 Methods of Separation of Substances-1.

5.2 Methods of Separation of Substances-2.

5.3 Multiple Methods of Separation and Saturation.

6.1 Reversible and Irreversible Changes .

7.1 Flower and Leaf.

7.2 Herbs, Shrubs and Trees.

7.3 Stem and Root.

8.1 Joints in Our Body.

8.2 Locomotion in Vertebrates.

8.3 Movement in Invertebrates.

8.4 The Human Skeletal System

9.1 Characteristics of Living Things.

9.1 Habitat and Adaptation.

9.1 Terrestrial and Aquatic Habitats.

10.1 Measurement of Length.

10.2 Modes of Transport.

10.3 Standard Units of Length

10.4 Types of Motion

11.1 Light and Shadows.

11.2 Reflection of Light.

12.1 Electric Cell and Bulb.

12.2 Electric Circuit.

13.1 Magnets.

13.2 Properties of Magnets.

13.2 Uses and Care of Magnets.

14.1 Conservation of Water.

14.2 Water - A Precious Natural Resource.

14.3 Water Cycle.

15.1 Air - A Precious Natural Resource.

15.2 Components of Air.

15.3 Oxygen and Carbon dioxide.

16.1 Effect of Plastic on Environment.

16.2 Garbage.

16.3 Managing Waste.

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Title: Awareness Science 6

Publisher: Schand

Author: Lakhmir Singh

Awareness Science is a series of science books for schools following CBSE Syllabus. Emphasis is given on helping students to understand concepts using very simple language, detailed explanations and real-life examples.

Title: Science Made Simple 6

Publisher: Madhubun

Author: Mansi Punni, Neha Gambhir

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