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Download Science Learning App for Android and iOS for Students from Class 6th to 10th

Digitalization has been hovering everywhere and in every domain. Education system is not an exception. Digital technology has been revolutionizing the way we live and think – acting as catalyst of change and going in sync with digital future. Change in education system has become a necessity. We at S. Chand are well-aware of this fact. We have designed Learnflix – Free download learning app for math and science for students from class 6th to 10th that enables the learners to study at their own pace, anywhere, anytime and in seamless way. Download science learning app from Google Play Store or iOS Store in your Smartphone, Tab or desktop and create a better way of learning in smart way.

Science Learning App for iOS and Android – Free Download

For students from class 6th to 10th Standard, Learnflix App – the free download learning app for Android and iOS is an ideal way to make science an easy subject by clearing their doubts through step-by-step guide and points. Download science learning app for Android or iOS – a comprehensive learning app to learn from more than 28000+ videos, quizzes, revision notes, assessments, and sample papers eBooks from renowned authors.

Learnflix by S. Chand – an Amazing App for Students

S. Chand, with more than 80 years of legacy as a dominant player in the K-12 segment, operates across the complete education lifecycle of a child – from Early Learning to K-12 School Education and Higher Education. We have a pool of experienced professionals, who have developed this comprehensive Science learning app in collaboration with teachers and professors to make learning easier for students. Learnflix has been designed with a Spiral Learning Pedagogy to ensure all concepts are well-learnt, revised, practiced and assessed.

Download science learning app for Android or for iOS and make a change in the way of teaching learning process and let students learn a smart way.

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