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Learnflix – the Best Educational App for Class 6-10

Students, appearing in class 6 to 10, need more attention and access to digital content with impressive videos, images, quizzes, revision notes, assessments, and sample papers, e-books on their devices like Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop. We make it easier for them to learn in smarter way.

Learnflix is one of the best educational apps for class 6 to 10 – available for Android and iOS. Students will learn from 28000+ videos, quizzes, revision notes, assessments, sample papers eBooks from renowned authors.

Stop searching for the best educational app for class 6, 7, 8, 9 or educational app for class 10. Learnflix is an amazing platform – transforming educational system into innovative and digital mode – easing everything through videos and images to help students learn quickly and in easier way.

Our App is based on Spiral Learning Pedagogy – an innovative way to ensure all concepts are well learnt, revised, practiced and assessed. This step-by-step approach is executed to strengthen every concept is learnt & well understood, ensuring it becomes a part of the student’s memory.

Single App for Students and Teachers, Even for Schools

Learnflix is one of the amazing educational apps for class 6, students of class 7, educational app for class 8, 9 and 10 that helps students to get complete concept clarity through personalised learning to perform well in class.

It is for teachers too as they will get a chance to facilitate flipped classroom model, more productivity and focused teaching with lesser effort. They will be able to communicate with parents with focussed analytical data of the students’ performance.

Learnflix is helpful for schools too, for improved academic results and for a school to provide quality digital education.

Download the best educational app for class 6 to 10 and make teaching learning experience better and easy for everyone.

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