Class 7 Science Is Not Scary Anymore with NCERT Solutions

Can we all take a moment to dive into our past and recall how much we dreaded those thick science textbooks? Science is a very fascinating subject that gives us the liberty to question everything and find out its reasoning. With the help of science, we have come a long way in terms of technological advancements and lifestyle. But it can also be a very difficult subject to understand without proper guidance. It is the sort of subject that requires absolute clarity of concept. Class 7 science holds a crucial position in forming the base for the subject for students. In class 7, students’ study the basic concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology through NCERT books. Often the shift in the subject from 6 to 7 class can be difficult to understand for the students. The questions at the end of the chapters in textbooks are more complicated.

Students often struggle with foundational chapters of class 7 such as nutrition in plants and animals, fibre to fibre, heat, acids, bases, and salts, which serve as an introduction to chemistry. Biology chapters that explain the concepts like the respiratory system in organisms or reproduction in plants are very important for the students to comprehend because these chapters keep advancing in upcoming classes. Students who fail to attain clarity in these concepts are often seen panicking and not performing well in class assessments or final examinations.

Many platforms claim to offer NCERT Solutions for class 7 science, but their credibility is questionable. Learnflix is a personalized learning app by S. Chand Group, an 81-year-old educational content company.The app offers hybrid and digital content that students can access anytime, anywhere and study on their own. Students from classes 6 to 10 can access the app for math and science subjects. Designed with Spiral Learning Pedagogy, the app ensures that students can grasp concepts clearly and offers revision, practice tests and assessment. Subject experts with years of experience provide NCERT Solutions for class 7 science that are concise and easy to understand. The solutions provided are created with the updated curriculum and also help the students in creating a base or higher-class science subjects. All students using the app can access the solutions prepared by the experts and get an idea of important terms and concepts and learn how to answer a question or what pattern they should follow while explaining their answers. Often students know the answers to the question but many a time they fail to explain or support their reasons properly which leads to deduction in marks. With Learnflix, students can learn according to their capacity and create their learning paths, they can choose to learn from videos, question banks or books. They can access the platform on their mobiles, tablets, or laptops. Science scares can finally be forgotten, with the help of NCERT solutions for class 7 science.

  • November 24, 2020

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Learnflix online videos are marvellous provided children should watch carefully and listen to it word by word, followed by objective and subjective test and in last the “revision”.
I am impressed with the “Analytics” part, as it gives us a complete picture of your child activity on a particular topic

Atharav Ranjan

Presidium School

I find this app quite comprehensive and interesting. Commendable way of teaching. It has helped me a lot in memorizing things and easier understanding of the concepts. It has increased my speed & accuracy as there is an ample variety of practice questions. Videos are quite impactful along with the excellent revision notes on each and every chapter.

Lavanaya Kapoor

KulachiHansraj Model School

I have found the Learnflix app to be very useful for my child. The course content has been structured lucidly which makes it all the more interesting and engaging for kids. The animation is excellent and easy-to-grasp. The makers deserve a big appreciation for the same.

Yashita Mishra

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Download the Learnflix App