5 Lesser-Known Career Paths Parents Need to Know

India is a developing nation and parents from all the strata of society keep emphasizing on their children’s education. Quality education is a direct factor in the development of any nation. The higher the education level of a person, the better the employment & career opportunities for them! That said, Indian parents are known to be picky and rigid when it comes to choosing the subjects or the streams for their children. Engineering, medical sciences, & commerce has seen a fair share of their boom. This trend is, however, changing rapidly.

Advancement in science & technology has opened up a plethora of career opportunities across the world. From cutting edge AI technology to genetic engineering, students now stand a chance to pick a career for themselves where they can excel. The best thing is, these are all science & mathematics-based career options that are bound to grow for generations to come. And, thanks to personalized learning apps like Learnflix, science & maths are now much easier for the students to learn, implement & ace!

Below are 5 career options that are highly rewarding, but lesser-known amongst Indian people. Let us take a look!

Biotechnology & Genetics

Students who possess acumen in subjects like biology and maths can make a highly rewarding career in biotechnology and genetic engineering. Genetic technology is a specialized career path after one secures a masters degree in Biotechnology. The career opportunities in this domain are blooming every day. With breakthroughs like CRISPR, genetically enhanced food, advanced disease control & safety research, this career path will yield sweet fruits for anyone with a solid science & maths foundation.

Commercial Pilot

Passionate students with scientific & mathematical aptitude can make a flying career in aviation. As a commercial pilot, you will be flying passenger and goods aircraft for national and international aviation companies. Apart from a good percentage in 12th standard with Maths as a compulsory subject, the students can either appear for IGRUA’s written exam or enrol in direct ‘flight cadet’ programmes run by airlines. During the training, they will be logging hours on simulators and actual aircraft to earn a flying license. Post this, they can apply for a flying position with airlines.

Nautical Engineering

Do the depths of unexplored seas excite you? Then Nautical Engineering might be an exciting career opportunity for young Indian students. A degree in nautical engineering requires a strong command on maths & science. The graduates can choose the job domain as per their interest which lies majorly on the technical side of marine & nautical science applications. From designing ships to assisting oil-rig construction, the scope is endless.

Architecture & Interior Design

If you have a knack for design, living spaces & technology, you might be better suited as an Architect! To become an architect, one needs to secure at least a B. Arch. Degree from a reputed institution. Selection in these colleges is done via national competitive exams like JEE. Physics, Chemistry & Math are compulsory in 12th standard to appear for this examination. So, better download Learnflix and strengthen your foundation until 10th standard. You’ll be off to the races to become a good Architect.

Veterinary Doctor

Veterinary Doctors are crucial pillars of the society who dedicate their lives to the health and wellness of animals across the globe. Becoming a veterinary doctor requires acquiring a technical degree in Veterinary Sciences from renowned institutes. Physics, Chemistry & Bio are compulsory subjects in class 12th to appear for the qualifying exams.

With Science & Math as subjects of interest, learning & growing aptitude will take a student to great heights in their career paths. Building a solid foundation up to 10th standard in these subjects definitely pays off in the long run. Download Learnflix, the personalized learning app, today to take the first step towards success!

  • April 9, 2020

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Learnflix online videos are marvellous provided children should watch carefully and listen to it word by word, followed by objective and subjective test and in last the “revision”.
I am impressed with the “Analytics” part, as it gives us a complete picture of your child activity on a particular topic

Atharav Ranjan

Presidium School

I find this app quite comprehensive and interesting. Commendable way of teaching. It has helped me a lot in memorizing things and easier understanding of the concepts. It has increased my speed & accuracy as there is an ample variety of practice questions. Videos are quite impactful along with the excellent revision notes on each and every chapter.

Lavanaya Kapoor

KulachiHansraj Model School

I have found the Learnflix app to be very useful for my child. The course content has been structured lucidly which makes it all the more interesting and engaging for kids. The animation is excellent and easy-to-grasp. The makers deserve a big appreciation for the same.

Yashita Mishra

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