3 Toughest Known Scientific Problems to Inspire You

The advancement of human-society is dependent on our collective ability to solve complex problems, innovate and cooperate. Every decade, a solution to a problem of a new invention in a scientific domain is made - and our lives change forever. Think about the discovery of the vaccine, the invention of the steam engine and our flight to the moon!

Though not everything is solved and the process of scientific breakthroughs can take decades. Nevertheless, for the gritty great minds, no problem is unsolvable. If you are thinking about a career in the science domain, we have some inspirational challenges for you.

Below are 3 toughest known scientific problems waiting to be tackled by young minds like yours!

Let us get going.


Cure for cancer is one of the toughest challenges for medical science. It is a disease associated with high fatality, low detection rates and medicine that comes with too many side effects.

Why is cancer so hard to cure?

The nature and mechanism of cancer make it a tough deal to crack. All the cells in living beings are programmed for ‘apoptosis’ or programmed cell death. When a cell becomes too demanding of resources, it kills itself in favour of the entire body. However, due to mutations in the genetic code (DNA), some cells refuse to commit suicide. Instead, they suck in resources from the nearby tissue - competing and killing healthy cells. Such a cell then multiplies to produce more cells that refuse to commit apoptosis. This ultimately becomes the cancerous tumour inside the body.

Curing cancer cells is possible only through radiation and super-strong chemo drugs only. However, these destroy the body’s immune system & healthy cells too! Researchers suggest that finding a cure would involve categorizing the type of cancer - since mutations and origins can occur anywhere at any time. Moreover, detecting a cancerous cell early on can be highly effective but is not possible presently.

However, our brilliant scientists are working on a promising gene-editing technology CRISPR to find a possible cure for cancer. Think this challenge for you? Then get started with biology and science now!

Finding Extra-terrestrial Life

We are all familiar with the ‘alien’ caricature made famous by numerous movies and TV shows. Though, astronomers and researchers are investing a lot of time & resources to find extra-terrestrial life. The question -’ whether we are alone in this universe?’ is both exciting and crucial.

Finding extra-terrestrial life will open-up many gates to our future of interstellar colonization and exploration. If we are lucky enough to find intelligent alien life, we can decipher mysteries of space, time, life and our cosmos. SETI, NASA, ISRO and European Space Agencies are fully invested in making such a discovery. Does it interest you? Then astronomy & life sciences are the career fields for you.

Sustainable Energy

Pollution is a global challenge. Human actions & development continue to exploit Mother Nature. Though, this is a vicious loop. We need energy and resources at scale to fuel our society’s needs. However, this process also contributes to planetary harm. Thus, environmental science is the next great frontier for brilliant minds to solve this catch-22.

Governments, welfare agencies and corporates across the world are becoming more environmentally conscious. The need for sustainable technologies, sustainable smart cities and sustainable living has been recognized. It is now up to the good citizen scientists of the earth to figure out and adapt sustainable-technologies at scale. If you think you can solve this professional challenge, environmental science is the field for you.

How can you contribute to human society?

Being driven by a higher purpose and contributing to the world with our knowledge and skills is one of the most fulfilling action ever. If you want to advance human knowledge and be the best in technological fields, a stronghold on Science and Math is required!

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Go ahead and inspire your friends too with this blog. Happy studying!

  • November 22, 2020

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