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Group's latest digital learning offering - LEARNFLIX is personalized and one of the popular online study apps for anytime and anywhere learning - anchored around the school curriculum for Grades 6-10 – for Subjects - Math and Science. This amazing and the best apps to learn is designed with a spiral learning pedagogy - ensuring all concepts are well-learnt, revised, practiced and assessed.

Being one of the best online learning apps, Learnflix is equipped with more than 28000 videos, quizzes, revision notes, assessments and sample papers eBooks from renowned authors.

Spiral Learning Pedagogy to Ensure All Concepts Are Well Learned and Revised

The e learning apps is based on Spiral Learning Pedagogy - ensuring all concepts are well-learnt, revised, practiced and assessed. It is a step by step approach in which every small chunk of learning is reinforced again and again to ensure it becomes part of the long-term memory of your child.

Online Learning Apps from Convergia - An EdTech Company Backed by Famous S Chang Group

Convergia, an EdTech company and advanced teaching learning solution is backed by S Chand Group - India's leading education content company - operating across the complete education lifecycle of a child - ranging from early learning to K-12 School Education and Higher Education.

The app is designed in a planned way - starting from Remedial to Videos, try out, reinforcement, concept revision, and concept practice and chapter test. It is far easier to use and learn in smart way by clearing your doubts. Download App and reap benefits of amazing benefits of one of the top e learning apps form the leading education content company in India - offering clear solutions for Math and Science for students from Class 6 to 10.

Download the Learnflix App